Get The Most Out of BAP


Get the most out of BAP

Be Active

Participate in as many Beta Alpha Psi events as possible. The more events you attend, the more professionals and fellow students you will become familiar with. Remember that the relationship you build today will be mutually beneficial in the future. Put your best foot (and effort) forward. Take a leadership position. Employers look for leaders and recognize the value of leadership positions while in college. The leaders in college are usually the leaders in business.

Speak Up

Introduce yourself to professionals, especially those involved in the recruiting process. They are the “gate keepers” for their organization, and if you know (and impress) them, your chances for an interview/job increase greatly. If there are a few firms/companies you are interested in, be sure to talk to several employees and receive their input on what they like and dislike about their position with the company.


Listen to what professionals have to say about the profession and their organization. You can learn a lot from their knowledge and experience. Ask them questions regarding areas in which you are interested. Your professors are also good resources for valuable information.

Keep your options open

Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. Investigate several companies or firms and the various opportunities within public, private, and government accounting.

Be Positive

Keep a positive attitude. People can sense enthusiasm (and sincerity). Be the person professionals would like to work with, both individually and as part of a team. Remember to have fun!!

These tips were provided by David Agoff, a professional advisor for the Beta Alpha Psi Chapter at California State University, Chico. Mr. Agoff is a member of the Matson & Isom Accountancy Corporation.


Tips for Success

The following are some tried and true guidelines for successful pledging:

1. E-mail and internet access are essential for success in Beta Alpha Psi. Our chapter meetings are only once a month so we rely heavily on e-mail for communication.

2. Visit our web site frequently (at least once or twice each week) to browse through the calendar and see upcoming events. For details on each event, see the events page. Advance sign up is required for most activities and events, so plan ahead.

3. Connect with us through Facebook and Linkedin. If you don't have an account, please consider signing up for a free account.  We use these formats to answer questions, make announcements and reminders and connect with other members.

4. Check the points listing and verify that you are being awarded correct points for the events that you attend. Also, make sure you sign in and out at EVERY event. If you have questions regarding your points, first check the list of events to see if points have even been posted yet. If points have been posted then contact the points director.

5. Be sure you understand the visitation policy for each event. A list of all members who are going to attend events is submitted in advance and no shows reflect negatively upon the individuals and our organization. No shows without notice will result in negative points and may result in loss of future visitation privileges.

6. If you have a valid reason for missing one Chapter Meeting, you may use the following procedure:

a) Petition the chapter President in writing within one week of the meeting stating the reason you missed the meeting and provide attachments of any supporting documents.

b) The chapter Executive Committee will consider the petition and vote on whether to grant you the opportunity to make up for the missed meeting.

c) If the privilege is granted, you will be notified in writing and will be requested to make up the points in another category chosen by the Executive Committee.

d) This procedure is allowed for only one meeting, and you will be disqualified from attaining gold membership.

6. Generally, be involved and aware of what is happening. Ask questions and take on leadership roles. The chapter exists for the benefit of its members so take advantage of all the opportunities available.