The Goals of BAP & Mission Statement

Mission Statement

To increase awareness of accounting and business information careers, to place an emphasis on the needs of our members, and to develop within our members the personal and professional skills needed to enter the workforce and excel in their chosen careers.


Goals of the Gamma Xi Chapter

  • Build and strengthen membership through recruiting of new members and retention of continuing members.
  • Continue with the integration of finance and MIS concentrations into our membership with an emphasis on providing contacts and topics beyond the field of accounting.
  • Expand current industry contacts.
  • Increase alumni involvement in both participation and donations.
  • Improve contact and communication management through implementation of a consolidated database.
  • Develop a new information resource for members and pledges in the form of a printed guidebook.
  • Maintain our Superior Chapter status by ensuring our members and pledges complete a minimum of 32 Professional Development and Community Service hours each year.

Please direct all Bylaw comments and questions to the Bylaws Director.