National Reporting Secretary Cabinet

National Reporting Secretary: Lexi Hurst

  • Becomes the chapter expert on BAP National requirements for our chapter.
  • Ensures that the chapter conforms to national bylaws and constitutions.
  • Prepares and submits reports to the national office on a timely basis.
  • Updates President on Superior/Gold Chapter status requirements.

Below are the Directorship positions available in the National Secretary Cabinet:

Membership/Hospitality Director

  • Reviews the applications and transcripts of the Chapter's Pledges to determine membership eligibility.
  • Contacts applicants in regards to membership eligibility.
  • Updates membership lists.
  • Prepares name tags for Chapter Meetings and other large events.
  • Orders food for Chapter Meetings.

Current Director: Open

Points Director

  • Records points received from Directors and Officers.

Current Directors: Phong Du

Tutorial Center Director

  • Posts events for Tutorial Center points.
  • Coordinates tutoring efforts.
  • Ensures the integrity of TC sign in sheets

Current Directors: Open