Treasurer's Cabinet

Treasurer: Siddhesh Kulkarni

  • Prepares the budget for approval by the Officers.
  • Keeps accurate records of all financial transactions occurring during the semester.
  • Ensures that chapter financial records are reconciled with bank records on a monthly basis.
  • Generates monthly and interim financial statements as required.

Below are the Directorship positions available in the Treasurer's Cabinet:

Scholarship Director

  • Coordinates BAP Scholarships with Advisors.
  • Solicits donations from firms for the scholarship fund.
  • Prepares and posts the scholarship applications.
  • Works on the Scholarship Committee.
  • Announces outside scholarship opportunities.

Current Director: Andrei Gaspar

Assistant Treasurer

  • Assists the Treasurer in his/her performance of duties.

Current Director: Open

Fundraising Director

  • Initiates and organizes fundraising events.
  • Contacts potential fundraising partners.
  • Ensures decent attendance at FR events.
  • Ensures the integrity of FR sign in sheets.
  • Organizes the end-of-semester raffle and silent auction.

Current Director: Closed