Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Where do I turn in my transcripts, course schedule, and check?
A: Please include all three in a SEALED envelope and submit the envelope to BT (Business Tower) 850 with your name and student ID on the front.

Q: What are the requirements to become a member?
A: In order to be a successful Pledge, and thus initiated as a Member, you must have at least two semesters left until graduation, meet all eligibility requirements and meet all point requirements.

Q: I forgot my password for event registration.
A: Please click on the "Forgot Password" feature on the login page.

Q: Where are my points and how do I know whether or not the points have been updated?
A: If you signed in AND OUT at the event, you will be receiving points. Event points may be updated out of order. Under the "Points" tab, click on "Points Tracker." All the information you need is there.

Q: How do I earn AS points?
A: You can earn AS points by assisting an Officer at any BAP event. For example, we always need help cleaning up after a Chapter Meeting. If you help, please make sure you write your name down on the AS points sheet, usually emailed a few days before the event.

Q: Where can I get a BAP shirt and how much are they?
A: BAP shirts will be available at Chapter Meetings. 

Q: Will I get a spirit point for wearing my BAP shirt at ANY casual event?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I still go to an event even if I did not sign up to go online?
A: If the max attendance for the event is limited, please contact the person in charge of the event you would like to attend. Sometimes there is still space available. PLEASE DO NOT SHOW UP WITHOUT TELLING THE CONTACT PERSON IN CHARGE BEFOREHAND!

Q: I need points, but all the events are either full or conflict with my schedule. What can I do?
A: E-mail the appropriate Officer and let them know your situation. If the Officer states that no more events will be scheduled, you may obtain points by going to qualified, non-BAP events. Please e-mail the Officer the event information so that he/she can let you know if it’s a qualifying event. If the event qualifies, download, print, fill out, and turn in (scan the form and email it to the appropriate Officer) the form below:

Outside Event Form.pdf 94.16 KB 12/26/2015 00:42:09

Q: What are the benefits of achieving "Gold" status?

    • Gold Members save $20 on application dues.
    • Gold Members will receive 15% off of BAP Stoles for every semester achieved.
    • Gold Members will have early admission to Meet the Firms or any recruiting events.

Q: I want to become a Director. What do I do?
A: After elections, inform the Officer that you desire to work under of your interest.

Q: I already paid for fundraising and I know my check has been cashed, but my points have not been updated yet. Why?
A: Fundraising is not updated until near the end of the semester.

Q: After Chapter Meetings, can I keep my name tag?
A: No. Please return your name tag so we can have it for you at the next Chapter Meeting. You will not get your CM points if you take your name tag home.