Tutorial Center

Welcome to the Tutoring Center!  

This is where Pledges and Members can sign up to tutor in the Lucas College and Graduate School of Business's new Jack Holland Student Success Center (BBC 008). Pledges and Members give back to our school by tutoring for at least 4 hours each semester.

You will receive 1 TC point for each hour you tutor. To receive points, you must register before the deadline, tutor only the hour(s) you registered for, sign in before you tutor, and finally, sign out when you are done.  You can only register for dates shown in the schedule here.  Only 2 tutors allowed per shift. The deadline to register or unregister is Sunday by 11:59pm (the week before you plan to tutor).  If your name is still on the schedule after the deadline has passed and you do not go, you will receive negative points.  Also, please note the following: 

    • Sign in at the Tutoring Center (BBC 008) through the designated iPad mini.  This is mounted to the right side of the main desk.
    • You MUST also sign out before you leave.
    • You must stay for the entire time you are signed up.  Signing out early will result in negative points.
    • You can tutor lower division courses, but please tutor upper division courses as well if possible.
    • Casual attire is appropriate.
    • If there is no one needing your assistance, you are welcome to work on your own work.

After reading and understanding the above, register to tutor by filling out this Google form. It takes about 5 minutes for the calendar to update, check to make sure your name is on the schedule. You may have to click refresh. Please do not forget to sign in and out at the Tutoring Center!

 Questions? Contact Ron Villalobos at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Point problems, click here: Missing Points Help