Executive Vice President's Cabinet

Executive Vice President: 

  • Assists the President in the performance of duties.
  • Oversees all directors under his/her command.
  • Seeks to promote the welfare of the Chapter.
  • Is first in line of succession to the President.

 Below are the Directorship positions available in the Executive Vice President's Cabinet:

Social Media Director

  • Updates the website when necessary.
  • Oversees the BAP social media platforms.
  • Aggregates photographs from BAP events

Director: Jason Blancaflor

Alumni Director  

  • Maintains and updates alumni listing.
  • Maintains and updates BAP's LinkedIn account.
  • Contacts alumni for various events and chapter meetings.
  • Recruits alumni.

Current Director: Siddhesh Kulkarni

Newsletter Director

  • Put together and send out newsletters.
  • Create and distribute flyers.

Current Director: Closed