Presidential Cabinet

Executive Vice President: Adam Zehm

  • Selects and supervises Directors; is ultimately responsible for the Chapter activities.
  • Establishes and implements Chapter goals and objectives.
  • Establishes and maintains the Chapter financial budget.
  • Administers Chapter operations by planning and implementing events.

Below are the Directorship positions available in the Presidential Cabinet:

Administrative Director

  • Assists the President in the performance of duties.
  • Upon the President's request, assists other Officers of the Chapter in the performance of duties.

Current Director: Nick Rodriguez

Bylaws Director

  • Reviews and familiarizes self with the bylaws and constitution of our chapter.
  • Updates the bylaws and constitution for any changes enacted during the current semester.
  • Publicizes semester elections.

Current Director: Closed

Internal Controller

  • Convenes the Semester Audit Committee.
  • Audits our chapter's financial information.

Current Director: Closed